20. Union Membership & Strikes


No one should ever be forced to become a union member. Employment should not depend, in any way, on union membership. However, unions may be allowed to charge non-union members fees to support the union’s “representational activities” for collective bargaining and contract administration.


The employer should not be obligated to make any payments to any employee who strikes during the time they are striking.

Unions should not be allowed to strike unless they have received approval from a majority of its members.

Unions should be prohibited from striking if the pay difference (total compensation package) between union represented employees from the public sector and union represented employees from the private sector is greater than 17%. Neither should unions be allowed to strike if the difference (total compensation package) between unionized employees and non-unionized employees is greater than 17%.

Unions were created largely to ensure safe working environments and decent compensation for workers.  But it seems that increasingly more often, unions are fighting just for ever increasing compensation without reasonable justifications, especially public sector unions. Sure, everyone would like higher pay and more benefits, but such a desire, without an evidenciary basis in fact, does not justify labor-management confrontations.

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