69. Government Mandated Transportation Operations

Airlines, trains, and all other businesses involved in human transportation should be required, in the event of an approaching natural disaster, such as a hurricane, to keep, for example, their scheduled flights operating for as long as safely possible or until the airport or other essential transportation infrastructure is closed. If the owners of planes, trains or other transportation vehicles declare their preference to the government that they do not wish to send their vehicles to service such areas the company deems too risky, but the government requires them to continue service anyway, the government should be required to guarantee the owners of the vehicles full compensation for any and all direct and indirect economic damages caused to the vehicle and company, including compensation for lost profits that would likely have been earned by the damaged or destroyed vehicle for a period of up to 12 months after the event.

This policy will help result in fewer people left stranded at the last minute forcing them to endure a natural disaster such as a hurricane at the airport, which may not be set up to adequately shelter so many people. Companies who have been found to try to take advantage of this government guarantee by not making a reasonable effort to get their equipment out of the danger area, after ordered into service, should be charged with theft or attempted theft.

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