21. Headlights

Headlights Angled Down

Vehicle headlights should not be bright enough, when viewed head on at a distance of 50 feet or so, to cause excessive glare that may be dangerous to other drivers. Maybe all non-high beam headlights should be angled down a minimum of 3 degrees.

Daytime Running Lights

All vehicles should be equipped with daytime running lights.  These should probably be integrated into the regular headlights rather than require vehicles to use separate lamps. These lights should be active during all times when the motor is running. During the daytime, only head lights would be required to be luminous. Such lights make vehicles more visible during normal and inclement weather conditions significantly reducing the chances of collisions.

Nighttime Headlights – Forget To Turn On

All vehicles should be required to have some system to remind drivers to turn their vehicle lights on during the dark.  Such reminders could be something like a photodetector that would detect ambient light levels and determine if lights should be turned on.  Another way would be to set the lights to turn on and off automatically based on the time of the day.  The vehicles’ internal clock would adjust for the drift of sunrise/sunset times across the seasons. Or these clocks could be linked to the internet.

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