6. Public Transit Vehicle Information

Information Displayed Within Vehicles

All mass transit vehicles should provide its riders with an easily viewable automated list of the next 3-5 stops and perhaps a map of where they are, at all times during their travel.

Information Displayed At Scheduled Stop Locations

Every scheduled mass transportation vehicle stop location should provide all the relevant information concerning that route. This would include a schedule and/or the frequency of vehicle visits (such as every 10 minutes), a complete route map for that line, and the webpage for a comprehensive mass transportation system database. These changes would make using mass transit much more convenient.

Countdown Until Next Arrival

Every public transportation stop location should have a countdown clock so that users standing there can know where the vehicle currently is and so that they will have a reliable estimate of how much time they will need to wait until the next public transit vehicle arrives.

GPS Info Made Public

All public transportation vehicles should have GPS devices that transmit their current locations so that they could be made public and used by whoever (like Google maps) to provide such useful information to users.

Time Clocks

All scheduled stop locations should have at least one clock. All mass transportation vehicles should also have clocks in one or two places where virtually all riders are able to easily see them, preferably near each door.



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