50. Utility Companies Responsible for ‘Clean’ Delivery

Electric utilities should be required to provide electricity that is free of transient defects (to within certain bands) to its customers. Similar requirements should hold true for water utilities in that they should provide clean water and at the proper regulated pressure. Consumers should not be required to install (or at least pay for) whole house surge protectors or water regulators or filters. These costs should be part of the provider’s responsibility.

Governments should require that any customer who installs a piece of equipment which, under normal operating conditions (including start up and shut down) induces noise or other unwanted properties into any portion of the grid that affects other parties sharing that grid, that customer should be required to install whatever equipment is necessary to ensure that their draw of power (or water) from the grid maintains a ‘clean’ supply of the utility to all other users.

Utility companies (power, water, gas, etc.) even other service providers like cable, telephone, internet, etc., should be encouraged or perhaps even required to provide their customers with 1,000% refund of the prorated monthly billing time that the service was interrupted.

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