69. Mass Produced Products – Ingredient Labeling Requirements

If there is a yearly sale of at least 1,000 units of a human or animal product that is intended to be put in or on the human or animal body, then each product should carry a list of its ingredients from the most abundant to the least abundant by weight. Furthermore, each ingredient consisting of at least 1% of the product’s total by weight, should be required to state its percentage on the label. Major processes that the food product has undergone (such as pasteurization, irradiation, etc.) should also be stated. If 10,000 units or more of a particular food product are sold per year, there should be the further requirement to list the nutritional information (amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.) in an absolute way, as well as in a relative way (such as percentages of recommended daily intake) on all such products intended for internal consumption. However, specifying the total recommended daily values for an average person on the label should not be required for any product.

Bottled Water Labeling

Bottled water should have the level of impurities contained within it labeled. This would giver consumers solid data they could use to measure against other brands or even tap water.

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