31. Rebate, Refund, Credit Payment Regulations

All refunds, rebates, credits, etc., not paid within the stated period (30, 60, 90 days, etc.) should be subjected to an immediate doubling. If they are not paid within twice the stated period, they should be tripled, and if they are not paid within three times the stated period, they should be quadrupled, etc. The payees of such refunds, rebates, credits, etc., should be required to notify the payers if the payees have not received payment after the expiration of the first period. Payers of such funds should be required to use certified delivery methods if they issue payment after the first deadline so that receipt of payment can be confirmed.

Refunds, credits, etc., should not be required to be paid to the customer in the same form in which the customer originally paid. The customer should have a choice on how he would like his refund or credit to be paid (whether cash, credit, check, etc.).

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