37. Receipts for Every Transaction

Receipts should be printed and distributed to buyers, sellers, and any other parties involved in economic transactions unless all parties agree otherwise. Receipts should be detailed enough so that anybody looking at it will be able to know exactly what was purchased, when, and for how much. A detailed price breakdown should be included that clearly indicates the product cost, tax, discounts, etc.

Healthcare Receipts

Such receipts should also be included for services, such as doctor visits. Doctors should give each patient a receipt of their checkup visit (as well as every other type of visit). This receipt should show all the measurements taken by the doctor or nurses such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. It should also include any comments or recommendations made by the doctor. It should state how much the visit cost, as well as how much both the patient and the insurer paid or how much the government paid (or was forced to absorb) if an uninsured patient could not pay himself. The appointment time, visit start time, and perhaps the times that the various procedures were taken and the release time could also be noted on the receipt.

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