45. Renter/Landlord Relationship & Responsibilities

Real estate property renters should be financially responsible for wear and tear maintenance and cleaning expenses (up to $200 per job) of their rented property. Tenants should be responsible for all cleaning jobs no matter the cost if they are solely responsible for the mess. However, tenants must get landlord approval for any maintenance, repair or major cleaning work planned for the rented property. Tenants should leave the rental units in the same condition and level of cleanliness as when they moved in.

Property renters, not owners, should be solely responsible for any illegal activity taking place on the property. Landlords should be held responsible only if they knew of the tenant’s intentions or activities and refused to take either preventive or corrective action against them or begin eviction proceedings against the tenant.

Apartment owners and other property owners/landlords should not be allowed to discriminate against renting to people based on race, religion, sex, ethnic background, disability, marital status, presence of children, or age. However, they should have the right to ask questions concerning these topics.

Landlords should have the right to protect the peace and quiet among the rental units by setting fairly strict standards on noise generation and being allowed to evict tenants (including children and pets) who consistently (at least an average of once a week) make more than the contract-stated maximum amount of noise (such as playing loud music, kids playing loudly, dogs barking, etc.).

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