40. Road Signs

Road signs should be kept to a minimum. Road signs should only be put up if the information displayed on them is accurate, absolutely necessary to the safe and orderly flow of traffic and if the information cannot be communicated in either a more logical or intuitive way or if that information cannot be written down on or otherwise communicated through the painting of lines on the road surface or other integrated infrastructure design changes. Necessary road information should be communicated in the least aesthetically intrusive way practical, while, still maintaining a sufficiently high safety factor. Part of this solution is inextricably linked to toughening and administering much more comprehensive driving education and driving tests for all drivers.

Signs that warn of “road construction ahead” or “end of construction” are useless clutter. People only need to know things relating to closed exits or lane shut downs. Drivers only need to know things directly related to navigational issues like traffic flow, traffic safety, slippery roads, etc.

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