67. Using Third Party Components

Printer companies should be allowed to sell their own brand of printers with the condition that they use only their own brand of ink and toner cartridges, otherwise certain printer warranties could be invalidated with the use of other brands of ink or toner cartridges. Printers could be designed to check for, and keep records of, which types of ink and toner cartridges have been used, but printers should never prevent or restrict the performance of other brands of ink or printer cartridges.

Ink and toner cartridge manufactures could design and sell such products, even for a discount, if desired, to consumers with the condition that they be returned to the manufacture after use for recycling, refilling, or any other purpose. However, such products must be clearly labeled and the manufacture must provide, alongside such products, the exact same product without this limitation.

Generally, manufactures of products should not prevent third party components from being used, though warranties could be affected.

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