64. Volume/Treble Designs on Radios, TVs, Etc.

Reduce Maximum Volume Levels

Audio items like radios and televisions should generally have their maximum volume limits reduced significantly (maybe by 20%). At maximum volume settings, the sound produced should be required to be clear, not crackling through the speakers as is the case with most devices. Rarely are these louder, unintelligible ranges used anyway.

Increase Volume Dial Spread

More importantly, the normal, comfortable zone on the dial is far too narrow, making it unnecessarily difficult to control quickly and easily. This normal, most-used range of volume needs to be widened considerably.

Increase Capacity For Treble

Radios and televisions should also be built with the capacity for more treble. With more treble, people could listen to TVs and radios with the volume lower and reduce the disturbance to others sleeping in the same house while still understanding everything that is being said on the TV or radio. Even with the bass turned all the way down, sometimes there is still too much bass being emitted.

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