19. Penalties for Indecent Materials

Non-educational vulgarity, profanity, or sexually explicit (pornographic) elements occurring within any type of media should generally be discouraged by placing a fine upon each and every occurrence of such elements. Naturally, in some cases, some of these elements should be completely banned, including a ban to specific segments of the population, especially in order to protect the interests of minors.

Every curse word, every overt or graphic sexual scene/message in movies, TV, songs, printed material, etc., should be fined to reduce their occurrences. The fine for each word or event would depend on how offensive it is, its duration, to what age group the material is targeted (the younger the age group, the higher the fine), etc. Furthermore, these fines would be levied for each time that the curse word or sexual scene is authorized for broadcast or rebroadcast over any medium including movie theaters, TV shows, video rentals, song album purchases, etc. These fines would also be weighted by the estimated number of people exposed.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should have plenary regulatory control over all types of media, including cable, subscription-based, internet, and commercial.

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