3. Public Bicycle System

A public bicycle system could also form an important part of this mass transportation system. Public bicycles (and tricycles) could be used much as shopping carts are used now in the sense that when a person is done using a bicycle, he/she could just leave it parked somewhere nearby so that any other person who wants to use it could take it from there. The government would be responsible for ensuring that an adequate number of bicycles exist to satisfy demands at each major bicycle parking location.

Public bicycles and tricycles could be used to transport people and goods from their residences and places of work to the train station. Or, for more healthy exercise, people could ride bicycles directly to their destination instead of using the trains. Essentially, the public would be free to ride the bicycles anywhere. The only restriction would be that they cannot keep them at home for their own exclusive use. Perhaps, if a user wants to own or lease one of these bicycles, they could buy them from the government or even lease them. People could use their own private bicycles as well, but they would, of course, need to lock them up so nobody else steals them.

This much more energy efficient method of transportation would not only save energy and reduce pollution emissions, it would also encourage the population to exercise by walking and cycling more and making the physical effort to carry everything they take.

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